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NFA uses sounds to create DOKI DOKI's visual identity

NFA uses sounds to create DOKI DOKI's visual identity

There is no fixed address It is behind the name and visual identity Doki doki, a new multi-platform music and audio creation studio specializing in video games located in the center of the St-Roch region of Quebec. Its name comes from an onomatopoeia popular in Japan that describes an increase in heartbeat. And the new studio is exciting! Raising the heart rate is exactly the kind of emotional response the studio wants to elicit with each of its projects. At the heart of the visual identity are two characters, DOKI and DOKI, who represent the studio's two-player cooperative philosophy, like the ones in all the games. A fun way to reflect the creative collaboration the studio builds with its clients over the course of projects.

The brand also presents a larger world in which characters are free to have fun in environments created solely from onomatopoeia taken from the sounds of video games, cartoons and films. Enough to convince. And the ears. Or vice versa.

“I can finally express loud and clear the pride and excitement I feel for this new brand designed specifically for our Quebec studios,” he explains. Michael Labrecquepresident, Doki doki. This brand well embodies our vision for collaboration, our unwavering passion for sound and music, and our goals to succeed and excel as a team. Congratulations to my friend Jean-Philippe Dugal and his talented team at NFA who left no stone unturned to exceed our expectations. We don't just provide a new visual identity; We renew our promise to create audio and musical worlds that make hearts vibrate with emotion.

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“Their commitment to working collaboratively with their clients is present at every stage of their creation,” he says. Jean-Philippe DougallCreative Director and Graphic Designer, NFA Montreal. This allowed us to put this value at the heart of the logo and then create an entire visual world using only the fruit of their labor: sound.

Doki 3
Doki 4

DOKI DOKI's projects have already gained international prominence, proof that the studio's creative approach, technical expertise and collaborative spirit make hearts beat on a global scale. Creativity runs in DOKI DOKI's veins and is present in all aspects of sound creation: audio recording, custom sound design, multi-format mixing and original music composition.

Doki 5

Duki 7
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Duki 9

an agency: There is no fixed address
Chief Operating Officer: Alexis Brunstorff, Kelsey Horn
DC/Designer: Jean-Philippe Dugal
Early Childhood Development: Stuart MacMillan
Strategy: Renault Gingras Debian
Account Manager: Nicole de Ravel
Motion design: Catherine Cameret
Photography: Pierre-Nicolas Lessard
Designer: Mary Lynn Kimberly
Beauty expert: Maysaa Ahmed
Chart: Gavin Gillespie
Production Manager: Sheila Jacklin
Client: Doki Doki
President: Michel Labrecque
Vocal and musical creativity: William Dakin, Alex Bernatchez