Northern lights in the sky of Quebec.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Courtesy of Samuel Vincent Vaux

Particularly active space weather in recent days allowed many Quebecers to observe the northern lights in the sky late Friday evening.

The pink, green and purple aurora borealis were seen in several places in downtown Quebec City. However, they were easier to observe outside urban centres, where there is less light pollution.

The solar wind resulting from a very strong eruption reached Earth in the evening, as experts expected.

Northern lights.

The northern lights were especially visible outside major urban centers.

Photo: Courtesy – Philippe Moussette –

We are talking about type X ejaculation, this is the strongest“, explains Philippe Mousset, president of the VÉGA Astronomy Club in Cap Rouge.

Aurora borealis in the sky.

The impressive space spectacle was visible even in the Limoilleux region of Quebec.

Photo: Radio-Canada/Jean-François Blanchet

This powerful explosion was followed by several other smaller explosions, which could also generate the northern lights over the weekend. It is possible that we will actually have twilight on two, three or four evenings.

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