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NEWS FROM CARL TREMBLAY: “He sticks to himself,” says Jean-François Bausier, lyricist for Cowboys Fringants.

NEWS FROM CARL TREMBLAY: “He sticks to himself,” says Jean-François Bausier, lyricist for Cowboys Fringants.

The Cowboys Fringants recently announced that their European tour, scheduled for this fall, has been postponed by a year. The musicians gave singer Carl Tremblay time to rest between chemotherapy sessions.

“Karl really wanted to keep performing this summer,” Jean-François Bausier, the Cowboys Fringants’ lyricist, said Friday during rehearsals for the musical. Royal Tavern.

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“But at some point we said to him: ‘Do you need this? Take time to relax. This might be the best decision.’ […] Karl delivered a big hit this summer. It was fragile. We are still playing at about ten festivals, despite their condition.”

Among these concerts, the one held at the Quebec Summer Festival will go down in history. The show was initially canceled due to weather, but was postponed at the last minute a few days later. And the emotion was there.

“It was historic,” says Jean-François. Before the show, we arranged with our technicians to have a teleprompter in case Carl had to sit down and I had to sing a song or two with the audience. He was more tired at this time. For us, it was no surprise to see him sitting down a bit. The audience saw this more dramatically than we did. But we expected this to happen. Karl is a very proud man and did not want to show any signs of weakness. She was Displays Excerpts. It was emotional. “It was very cold.”

How is Carl Tremblay, who celebrated his 47th birthday a few days ago? “It goes as it goes,” answers Jean-François. Some days are better than others. Depending on the day, these are difficult treatments. But he’s holding on. We watch hockey and enjoy it.”

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Recently, photos of Carl Tremblay recording songs at home went viral. Jean-François Bausé confirms that a new Cowboys album will be released this winter and will include the five new songs written for the show Royal Tavern.

“The album was almost completely recorded. We probably had three or four days to go. Carl did all the vocals. It stays there.” Back vocals [chœurs] To make small useful adjustments.