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Negative review: A chef bans vegans from his restaurant

Negative review: A chef bans vegans from his restaurant

A British celebrity chef, slammed for his restaurant’s only impromptu vegan option to accommodate a customer, made the controversial decision to ban vegan customers Thursday for “mental health reasons”.

Yes. Chef John Mountain wrote on Thursday, announcing the ban on vegan customers on the page of his restaurant Fyre in Perth, Australia, according to The Independent.

In the morning, the famous British chef, who previously appeared on the TV show Great Britain Menu, announced on Facebook that he was now banning vegan customers from his restaurant for “mental health reasons”.

That decision would have come after he agreed to accommodate a vegan client on Saturday night, serving her bowls of gnocchi or veggies on the phone a few days earlier. Except that in the evening the chef had forgotten to prepare the vegetarian option, which was already busy with the caterer’s menu for a private party, he was going to accompany.

The next day, the young woman was going to slam her “only option” at $32 on the restaurant’s Facebook page, without batting an eye.

“I think it’s very important today for restaurants to accommodate everyone, and not being able to eat real vegan meals shows your shortcomings as a chef,” the client allegedly criticized. If you don’t adjust to the weather, I don’t believe your restaurant [survivra]. “

His language is quick, the chef would immediately reply to him, “Feel free to share [son] Dirty experience, “well,” can’t wait so no longer [la] We see again.”

“How childish. You and all your vegetarian friends can go and sample your dishes elsewhere, you’re off-limits now.”

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Admitting his forgetfulness, the chef nevertheless denounced the “personal” criticism, since he had previously written a book called “Pig” (“pig” in French) listing pork recipes.

“I understand [la vision] My job is to make the food as good as possible and I can’t always meet everyone’s nutritional needs, he said in an interview with 7News, according to The Independent.

However, the dispute gained momentum on the restaurant’s page, as many netizens left a bad note, in support of the vegetarian customer, or a high note, to encourage the chef, in the past few days.