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New Year's Resolution: Is joining a gym a good idea?

New Year's Resolution: Is joining a gym a good idea?

According to experts, all those who start 2024 with a new resolution to buy a new membership and return to the gym to get rid of the holiday season surplus, will only be a waste of time and money.

According to a 2020 Daily Mail study, nearly 1,700 people are making a new resolution to get back in the gym, starting January 1, to ditch the holiday food. This group of people will be less likely to stick to a regular fitness regimen, compared to those who start training in the summer or fall.

Those who purchase a gym membership, starting in January, are likely to train about three times a month, unlike those who train about five times a month in the summer or fall.

Participating in the warm seasons would push people to go to the gym more often and maintain the habit, because the motivation does not come from a New Year's resolution.

“There is a strong message at the beginning of January, with the 'new me' and 'fresh start', which prompts people to buy a gym membership,” says study researcher Dr Matthew Rand from the University of Sheffield.

“But this motivation, which comes from social pressure and the need to start over, is not as strong as when you enroll at another time of the year. Simply because you have decided to take care of yourself individually, without relying on resolutions.

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