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New screen and new image sensor, the technical sheet is even clearer

New screen and new image sensor, the technical sheet is even clearer

The Galaxy S24 Ultra will once again be very similar to the previous generation, but Samsung is still preparing some interesting changes. Here’s what we can actually expect.

On his Twitter account, the famous leaker Ice Universe provided more details about the technical sheet of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra. According to his information, the 2024 flagship will receive a completely new screen, which is always brighter and more accurate.

As other reports have claimed, It should be an M13 OLED panel. In the software, the maximum brightness is higher, but also a more advanced colorimetric range. Speculation is that it will be A screen similar to the one that the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro will adopt next month.

Galaxy S24 Ultra will use a completely new camera

In addition to a better screen, we already knew that the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a new camera for photos from afar. In fact, instead of the 10MP 3X telephoto lens, This time Samsung will opt for a new 50MP sensor.

Ice Universe has now detailed the specifications of this new sensor. will measure 1 / 2.52 in, which will allow it to deliver single images of 0.7 microns in size. So the sensor Bigger than my old 10MP camera, which was only 1/3.52 inch.

The leaker states that the sensor will always display 3X lossless magnificationbut the increase in the number of megapixels will allow it this time to make a good show The best shots are at 5X magnification. This will allow the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera to become even more versatile than its predecessors. This is why previous reports believe that Samsung has changed its smartphone’s 3X telephoto lens for a brand new 5X sensor.

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Unfortunately, aside from these changes, the Galaxy S24 Ultra should remain nearly identical to its predecessor. We should not expect any novelty at the level of the selfie sensor, nor at the level of the battery, which we already know will stagnate at 5000 mAh. With the official presentation of the smartphone in January or next February, we should know everything about it.