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New IKEA bedroom products: discover our selection

New IKEA bedroom products: discover our selection

In January, we made a whole bunch of decisions to start the year on the right foot. Being healthy in your own home is often a part of it! IKEA understood this and brought us a full range of modern decorative items. Don’t wait any longer and make your room a haven of peace.

IKEA January update: Winter cocoon bedroom

For many, winter is a bleak season. However, it is possible to remedy this thanks to a warm decoration And cocoon. Indeed, during this period it is cold and the time we spend in our interiors is greater. For this reason, it is necessary to do Bedrooms, a warm piece. To do this, the Swedish brand reveals a whole range of decorative elements. You will find bed linen to Colors And soothing patterns.

IKEA Bedroom Updates: Affordable Items

in between Ikea novelties for the bedroom, we also find throws and the rug Fluffy, in every way Really low prices ! Thus, it is quite possible to renew your sleeping area with a cocoon covering. For only 14.99 euros or even a flannel duvet cover With her pillow case Priced at 24.99 euros!

IKEA January news: What are the bedroom trends for 2022?

in home IKEAWinter means assured And warm. In fact, the brand highlights cocoon room. the discreet colors And hot They are on time. the natural materials Also present in the game. please fur textiles who will bring you the heat And consolation for this season. Do not overload your room with many decorative elements. the Mile wants to be minimum in home IKEA.

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