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Netflix and… Dumbbell: A British woman finds two police officers very uncomfortable in her living room

Netflix and… Dumbbell: A British woman finds two police officers very uncomfortable in her living room

Greater Manchester Police in the United Kingdom were forced to offer explanations on Saturday after two officers were arrested in a woman's living room, where they allegedly listened to Netflix and pushed weights for several hours while waiting for her to appear.

“when [la police] “She says she has no officers to respond to emergencies, yet there is 3 hours of CCTV of two officers sitting on my property watching Netflix, using dumbbells, and clearly making themselves at home while I'm not here,” Abigail Lawton, 21, denounced last week. On Facebook, according to the BBC.

In an interview with British media, the young woman said she was “disgusted by the behaviour” of two police officers, who were called to her home on January 3 at around 10pm after one of her relatives called the police to report his concerns about his well. – After suffering a mental health crisis, according to British media.

Agents were then ordered to remain at the scene while waiting for him to return home, but ended up leaving around 1:30 a.m., after using his Netflix profile and weighing in, a report allegedly showed on his home's security camera. room.

“You think they're there to help you, but then they sit down and do it, it doesn't make any sense. You expect the police to work hard and protect people.” […] The young woman insisted to the BBC that it was not very professional, denouncing that she had been subjected to psychological trauma [développé] Lack of confidence in the police.

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Especially since in the past, police officers were waiting for her in their car in front of her house, during similar situations, noting that she had filed an official complaint against the police force.

For its part, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) stood behind its officers, stressing that they would not have breached standards by searching the property and surrounding areas “in line with the usual response to a call of this nature”, according to what a police spokesman said. He was going to point out the British media.

“The officers were taken aside and realized that even if the TV was left on and the dumbbells were left aside, they should have refrained from watching or using them while they were deployed to the scene,” he added, expressing his understanding of how this type of deployment “without explanation, could… “Undermines public confidence.”

Despite this, the force's Professional Standards Directorate (PSD) said the couple “should reflect on the complaint and learn from it”, according to the BBC.