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Georgia: Did Fanny Willis lie about the beginning of her relationship with Nathan Wade?

Georgia: Did Fanny Willis lie about the beginning of her relationship with Nathan Wade?

The judge overseeing Donald Trump's trial in Georgia will move forward with a hearing scheduled for Thursday on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis's disqualification request by Mike Roman, one of the former president's 14 other accusers. Roman Willis is accused of violating federal laws and state conflict of interest rules by appointing her lover, Nathan Wade, in November 2021 as a special prosecutor in the investigation of Trump and others.

“Clearly there can be disqualification if evidence is presented that demonstrates an actual struggle or the appearance of a struggle,” Judge Scott McAfee said during a hearing Monday afternoon. “Because I believe it is possible that the facts alleged by the defendant would result in disqualification, I believe an evidentiary hearing should be held to prove the case based on these underlying allegations.”

On February 2, Willis denied in writing any conflict of interest, arguing in particular that his “personal” relationship with Wade began in 2022, i.e. after his appointment. However, in a document filed in court late last Friday, Roman accused Willis of lying on this point. He claimed that a friend and former business partner of Wade was willing to testify under oath that the romantic relationship between Willis and Wade began before he was hired to handle the case.

Willis' exclusion means that the trial of Trump and his co-defendants in Georgia must be handed over to a prosecutor in another county in the state, a change that could delay the start of the trial by several months. Trump is accused of running a criminal enterprise whose goal was to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential elections in Georgia.

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Fanny Willis has already shown questionable judgment by entering into this romantic relationship with a lawyer to whom she has paid over $650,000 since her appointment. Is it possible that she also lied in a way that not only jeopardized her career but also one of the most important prosecutions targeting Donald Trump?

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