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Nearly 15,000 volunteers go to work to find out the impact of global warming on point

Nearly 15,000 volunteers go to work to find out the impact of global warming on point

They must have reached 10,000. But with enthusiasm, CNRS I decided to grant the possibility of an additional 5,000 volunteers to participate in a participatory science experiment on the dot. From March 28, those residents of all of France, but also of Japan or Canada, will receive their dot in their mailbox. Haute-Garonne residents can pick it up on Saturday at knowledge platformin Toulouse where an exhibition will reveal all about this single-celled organism.

They will then have two months from April 7th to wake him up and then take care of him daily. For five days, for those who chose to follow the protocol once, and up to four times more for those who signed up. With a common goal: to know the effect of temperature changes, and therefore global warming, on Vesarum polycephalum.

It is a unifying theme that affects all living things. It is also a way of introducing people to the scientific process. We read a lot about the science, but we know so little about how it is conducted,” explains Audrey Dussautur, CNRS researcher, international specialist and coordinator of this experiment.

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In nursing homes and even in prison

From 8 to 90 years old, with family, in an iPad, in prison, at school or even at work, these volunteers will feed him, expose him to heat, and do bibliographic research. But I also split it in two, I promise, without hurting it. Eventually, 288,000 points will integrate this experience and nearly a million photos will be taken. It remains to analyze it, and then write the publication in which the results will appear. And here again, the (little) volunteers will have their say.