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NASA’s Orion spacecraft gets an amazing picture of Earth!

spaceship Orion affiliate The National Center for Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at a standard distance from the ground, Take a great picture of our planet and the moon.

NASA shared the photo Displays both Earth and a natural satellite in the background. Like some pictures of Apollo, the picture puts the home of mankind into perspective.

According to the report posted on Engadget, Orion captured the image at its farthest from Earth, just over 430 km away Which represents the longest distance traveled by a human-powered spacecraft, even breaking the record of 400 km set by Apollo 13 in 1970.

In particular, the task Artemis I It marks the first time explorers have attempted to travel this far: Apollo 13 only ventured this far from Earth because NASA’s emergency flight needed the Moon as a catapult.

Orion and a flight beyond expectations

This first voyage of Artemis has so far exceeded expectations NASA. Although the Mission Team has only completed 31 of the 124 main objectives so far, it is adding milestones such as the extended impulse test.

About half of the remaining activities are ongoing, the report adds, with the rest largely dependent on returning to Earth.

Orion is scheduled to return off the coast of San Diego on December 11th. In May 2024, the mission Artemis II It will fly near the satellite without landing for a while Artemis III to achieve “Not before 2025″, would be the final drop.

The last NASA mission in which astronauts stepped on the surface of the moon dates back to Apollo 17, which occurred from December 7-19, 1972.

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