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WhatsApp finally lets you edit a message you’ve already sent

Meta begins rolling out a long-awaited feature on WhatsApp: editing messages that have already been sent.

WhatsApp now allows its users to edit messages that have already been sent // Source: Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash

WhatsApp is in the process of welcoming its most practical novelty: editing messages after they’ve been sent. as pointed out Admin blogThe specialized site predicted the arrival of this feature on WhatsApp a few months ago WABetainfowhich he had correctly seen by digging through the betas of the app, first on the Android version and then on the iOS version.

The formalization of this novelty comes to us from whatsapp blog. In a May 22 post, Meta announces the gradual rollout of this feature around the world and outlines the terms. In particular, we discover the main condition for accessing the mods: a time limit of a quarter of an hour.

WhatsApp exchanges are becoming more flexible

Obviously, you’ll have 15 minutes after you send a message to edit it, if you want to, and the process isn’t too difficult. To edit a message after you’ve sent it, just tap on it to bring up a menu. The latter will contain the usual options, but also a new “Edit” function that allows you to modify the message in order to correct a spelling or misspelling or simply to add context to what you want to say.

Source: WhatsApp

Modified messages will be marked as “modified”. Thus recipients will be aware of the correction without viewing the modification history. For the rest, Meta explains, before mods are added messages will be end-to-end encrypted for added security.

Note, however, that this new feature is not yet available everywhere. According to our observations on the WhatsApp iOS app, message editing is not yet available to all users in France. And with good reason, Meta evokes a gradual spread across the world over the coming weeks.

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If like us you’re not yet eligible, tell yourself that in the meantime it’s always possible to delete a poorly written message. To do that, just click on the respective message and then select the delete option. It will then be deleted from all recipients.

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