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Name of the new park at Espace du Parvis

Name of the new park at Espace du Parvis

Citizens are invited to submit ideas for names for the new park that will occupy the Espace du Parvis area located at the corner of de la Salle and du Parvis streets. Frédéric Smith, Quebec City's official in charge of geographical names, presented at a recent meeting of the Saint-Roch neighborhood council the criteria taken into account when choosing the name.

Last June, the committee presented plans for future park development to the Saint-Roch Neighborhood Council. The audience then made some suggestions for names.

Among these choices was the “Parc Perce-bitume” proposal, which immediately astonished the committee. Members saw an interesting connection with the snowdrop. This flower grows in winter by piercing the layer of snow that covers the ground. In the same way, the new park forms an island of green that appears, somewhat unexpectedly, in a very urban environment.

New citizen consultation

Last November, the Geographic Names Committee shared the name selection with neighborhood council attendees. Citizens expressed their desire to participate more in choosing the name that this place will bear. The creation of this new park is the result of citizen mobilization. Therefore, the Geographical Names Committee considered it necessary for residents to be able to participate in the naming process.

It is therefore possible to submit suggestions by completing a Online form Until February 15. It is important to note that the proposal relates specifically to this project.

“We intend to send three proposals to the district’s elected officials for a final decision. Respecting the initial and promoter approach, the “Parc Perce-bitume” proposal will be one of these three proposals,” explains Frédéric Smith.

Mr. Smith points out that Quebec City's Committee of Remembrance and Toponymy uses different criteria in choosing new names for buildings, streets or public places.

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The proposed character or topic must be of great importance to the citizens of Quebec. The proposed name must not give rise to commercial promotion or create controversy. In the case of a proper name, the person must have been dead for at least one year.

Frederick Smith explains that the Topographic Names Committee attaches great importance to the history of the place of commemoration in choosing the name it will bear. An effort is also being made to “do some catch-up” in the representation of underrepresented groups in toponymy in Quebec. Mr. Smith gives women, cultural communities and First Nations as examples.

A little carnival and a new name

In parallel with these initiatives, the participating committee is currently organizing the Espace du Parvis on Saturday 3 February a Mini carnival, from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Children attending will be able to suggest their name ideas for the garden. These will then be put to a vote.

Participants will also be able to make their own ice decorations or play hockey. Hot drinks, shovels and hockey goals will be provided for interested families.

The form that must be filled out to submit the proposal is available at City location. It is important to note that the proposal relates to naming this new park.

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