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France Miniature opens a new space dedicated to Koh Lanta!

France Miniature opens a new space dedicated to Koh Lanta!

Just a few kilometers from Paris, France Miniature is one of the unmissable excursions that amaze young and old alike. In the municipality of Elancourt (Evelyn), five hectares are set aside to see the most important monuments of the hexagram in an abridged version. Sacré Cœur, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, but also Pont du Gard, Châteaux de La Loire, the village of Saint-Émilion, or even Mont-Saint-Michel … the park takes us on a quick tour of France in one day from Through discoveries, experiences and fun attractions. And while France Miniature has just reopened its doors for a new season, the park has unveiled a new attraction that will delight fans of the popular adventure game: Koh-Lanta!

The adventure of Koh Lanta is coming to France in miniature!

We dreamed it, mini France did! Every year for twenty years, viewers have followed the adventure game with fondness, wanting to take part in it as well. If the choices are tough, and not everyone is so fortunate, it is now possible to slip into the adventurer’s shoes for a sporting day at Europe’s largest miniature park.

Opened by Clemence Castell, the grand winner of the 2005 and 2018 editions, the course covers an area of ​​370 square meters and combines five rig games, as well as water, sand and avoidance games. After you get creative, it will be clear that the famous test of functionality will be there, as well as the search for the Immunity Collar and the Totem Confrontation. Red or yellow team, which side would you choose?

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