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“My arrest was very destabilizing,” said Vincent Jozzo.

“My arrest was very destabilizing,” said Vincent Jozzo.

Businessman Vincent Gozo, who is accused of criminally harassing a woman and violating terms, said he was “very shaken” by his arrest over the weekend.

Ms. Gozo said in a press release sent to QUB Radio by a telecom company.

“I thank my family members who moved so quickly to come home to give them comfort and support during these two days,” added the senior director of cinemas in Guzzo.

The 54-year-old was pinned down at his home in Terrebonne, on Montreal’s North Shore, over the weekend. He was then brought before the Court of Laval on charges of criminal harassment and breach of conditions.

During the process, Mr. Guzzo was forced to spend a night behind bars.

The court order prevents us from identifying the alleged victim in this case.

However, Vincent Gozo intends to do his best to prove his innocence in court.

“As for the accusations, they are strongly disputed and denied,” he said in a statement.

Vincent Jozo also declared that he wanted his privacy, as well as that of his children, “during this difficult time” to be respected.

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