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Morlanuels: Garalar Cultural Space!  Brice Debas and Fred de Buses will welcome

Morlanuels: Garalar Cultural Space! Brice Debas and Fred de Buses will welcome

Open for 5 years, Garalar cultural space! She regularly managed to spot the little cultural pearls in her programming. On June 9, you will welcome well-known radio host Brice Debas to present the latest work of Frédéric du Buses, cartoonist, among others, for DH. The two are friends in life, so we can expect a great time. “From time to time, I like to bring in famous faces, it must be admitted, to try and get people hookedJean Cotten, founder of Garalar, told us.But what I prefer is the weaving of social bonds between cultures, between generations. It is the human relationship that interests me.

Every Friday, between 6pm and midnight, Garalar! This former commuter’s shelter opens its doors at Mariemont Station. “Every month I host a different exhibition of fine arts, but I also organize small theatrical performances, sketches, book shows, conferences, small concerts or even workshops. The idea is to make it a friendly place where people like to meet.

Garalar recently attracted visual artist Paul Authom and harpist Elena Antropovski on Friday who managed to free herself for a moment from the Queen Elizabeth pageant in which she participated as an accompanist to a sadly eliminated candidate. “Despite the tight space and my tiny room, I managed to attract some well-known names. I think artists just appreciate this little space. It’s also the perfect place to tour a show in front of a small audience.

See you at Espace Garalar! rue des Droits de l’Homme 21 in Morlanwelz on 9 June. free entry.