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Eye drops can prevent myopia in children

Eye drops can prevent myopia in children

You can save on a pair of glasses by buying your children’s eye drops, according to a new study by Gamma Ophthalmologya medical journal covering all aspects of ophthalmology.

The researchers concluded that drops containing atropine, a substance that dilates the pupil, pushes back and slows the symptoms of myopia.

The results of the experiment are based on the participation of 500 of my children, between the ages of six to ten years.

Some of them had to use different atropine solutions every day for three years.

Scientists found that children who used atropine eye drops had fewer eyeglass prescription changes. The elongation of the eye, a phenomenon that causes myopia, is also slowed down.

Moreover, those who used a 0.01% atropine solution had better results than those who used a 0.02% solution.

“This is really exciting for the myopic community, and I’m a part of it,” study author Carla Zadnick, a professor at Ohio State University, said in a statement.

“We’ve been talking about treatment and control for decades,” she wrote. It’s crazy to think that these options could be available to millions of children in the very near future.

Myopia usually begins in childhood and gets worse with age.

Certain activities, such as using smartphones, accelerate its onset.

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