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More than 100 dead dolphins found in the Amazon

More than 100 dead dolphins found in the Amazon

More than 100 dolphins were found dead in just 7 days near Lake Teifi, in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

These numerous deaths can be linked to the extreme heat wave and drought affecting this region, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees Celsius in some places, CNN reported.

This would increase scientists’ concerns about the impacts of human activity and severe droughts on this biodiversity-rich region.


“It is too early to determine the exact cause of this extreme event, but it is definitely linked to the dry period and extremely high temperatures in Lake Teifi,” commented the Mamirua Institute in an interview with CNN Brazil.

Other species will also be affected by this extreme heat, especially in the Amazon River.


Researchers and activists are trying to help the animals by trapping them to release them elsewhere, where temperatures are cooler, but they face several challenges, including the fact that this place is very isolated.

“Transporting dolphins from river to river is difficult because it is important to check for toxins or viruses [avant de les relâcher dans la nature]», refers to the researcher at the Mamiroa Institute, Andre Coelho.

Local authorities expect this drought to continue in the coming weeks.

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