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Here are the 15 safest countries in the world

Here are the 15 safest countries in the world

Are you looking for a risk-free travel destination?

The Institute for Economics and Peace recently updated its data classification Countries from safest to most dangerous.

Therefore, 163 countries were ranked according to the “Global Peace” index, which is based on numerous statistics, including the number of murders, the number of prison populations, terrorism, military strength, and international conflicts.

Each country receives a score between 1 and 5. The higher the number, the less safe the country is.

Here are the 15 safest countries:

1- Iceland: 1,124

2- Denmark: 1.31

3- Ireland: 1,312

4- New Zealand: 1,313

5- Austria: 1,316

6- Singapore: 1,332

7- Portugal: 1,333

8- Slovenia: 1,334

9- Japan: 1,336

10- Switzerland: 1,339

11- Canada: 1.35

12- Czech Republic: 1,379

13- Finland: 1,399

14- Croatia: 1.45

15- Germany: 1,456

Spain is in 32nd place, while Italy finds itself in 34th place. The United Kingdom is in 37th place. With a score of 1.939, France is in 67th place.

To find the United States, you have to go down the list to number 131. Canada’s neighbor is significantly less safe than certain countries like Haiti, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and El Salvador.

Afghanistan is considered the least safe country out of 163 countries evaluated. Russia finds itself in 158th place, just behind Ukraine.

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