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Montpellier: CréaZone, a new space dedicated to scientific discoveries

Montpellier: CréaZone, a new space dedicated to scientific discoveries

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Michael Delafosse, Mayor of Montpellier and President of Montpellier Mediterranean, visited CréaZone on Wednesday. (© Metropolitan/LP)

Are you more of a sewing machine or digital embroiderer? Note to the curious: Find answers to these questions inside Creazona new space at the William Shakespeare Media Library opened on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 with the aim of Giving young people a taste of science. A necessity of the day, recalls Michael Delafosse, Mayor of Montpellier and President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole: “Today, programming has become a language no less important than English. In our world, developing your scientific culture through the use of a 3D printer or virtual reality objects is essential.

La CréaZone: a new lease of life on the media library network

For some time now, the Metropolis Media Libraries Network has been implementing a project to enrich scientific knowledge. But how can this be achieved? Based on the needs of citizens. “Who knows the residents of Montpellier’s neighborhoods best? Those who work on site!” says Eric Pinso, Vice President of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and Delegate of Culture and Historical Heritage. Thus, CréaZone began to gain attention during a seminar that brought together all media library agents, in the presence of Michael Delafosse.

After several testing phases in the presence of the public, the space was born three months later, without closing the institution. Another key point: CréaZone is an innovation in itself. “We started from noticing that there was no FabLab in this place,” recalls Virginie, one of the media library agents.

What is fab lab?

FabLab (short for “fabrication laboratory” in English) is an open place for people who have ideas and projects and who want to formalize them at the prototype stage.

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Therefore, it is a place where high-performance machines are made available to users to enable them to bring their projects to life. In particular, there are 3D printers and very precise cutting tools.
FabLab is also a collaborative place to work and exchange between people from different backgrounds.

Digital, but not only

Although CréaZone highlights digital culture and scientific culture more broadly, it also provides a niche for other knowledges. “Visitors can resort to handicrafts, or even sewing,” explains Virginie, adding that the creation of this space is compatible with the fight against the digital divide. For his part, the Mayor of Montpellier does not fail to highlight this place also “dedicated to creative entertainment”.

At CréaZone, an entire area is dedicated to crafts, with tools and books for you to refer to.
At CréaZone, an entire area is dedicated to crafts, with tools and books for you to refer to. (© Metropolitan/LP)

Regarding the age of visitors, Everyone from 11 years of age is welcome. However, specific receptions can be planned for associations, companies or even schools. “Children and adults don’t like to mix too much, which is why we provide specific workshop spaces for schoolchildren and others for older children,” adds Virginie.

A dual project supported by the William Shakespeare Media Library

Located at the crossroads of the Alco, Selinoff, Cevennes, Chamberet and Martell districts, the William Shakespeare Media Library hopes to foster young people’s taste in science, but not only that. In fact, the Foundation has been engaged for several years in a dual project of implementing new services and rehabilitating spaces.

“To the west of Montpellier are these so-called political zones, but the same rights should be granted to their residents. This morning I went to the FabLab at Gisèle Halimi’s site in La Mosson, which is mainly aimed at adults. It’s not just about promoting science; It is a more global project“, insists Michael Delafosse, citing the Nestor Burma Public Cinema, which guarantees “access to image education” along with cinemas for everyone. And so the city of Montpellier Promotes knowledge for everyone Above all, he wants to develop a value in young people: their curiosity.

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