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'Monahan is not in a good mood'

‘Monahan is not in a good mood’

The acquisition of Sean Monahan along with the first-round pick and against future considerations over the summer has seen Sean Monahan, who many believe is “good for Europe”, far above expectations this season for the first time.

In addition to his personal statistics (six points in 12 matches), the striker acts as a real Swiss military knife for Martin St. Louis, who sometimes uses it in the middle, and sometimes on the wing.

Monahan is also the one who seems to deserve credit by his coach for activating idle units.

At the start of the season, he was transferred to the wing of duo Suzuki Caufield.

Here he is, now, until further notice, to be set alongside Evgenii Dadonov and Jonathan Drouin, two skaters who have been looking out for each other a lot so far.

During the “Le Colisée” segment, which featured Jean-Charles Lagoy and Tony Marinaro, the two men addressed the “Monahan Affair”, including his three new companions in discussion.

“Firstly, the last time Dadonov scored, I was thin,” Marinaro first began, to the laughter of his interlocutor.

Lajoie then theorized that the role of “troubleshooter” often attributed to Monahan likely frustrated him.

“It’s an important year for him. He’s coming back from a serious injury that necessitated surgery. Sean has an excellent start to the season and there he becomes CH André’s brother. We always put him with the team’s losing causes and ask him to work miracles with that. But the important thing is that Monahan is squabbling over a year His contract. He’s not in a good mood, that’s for sure.”

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Then Marinaro took the ball.

“Obviously Monahan looks at what’s going on with Dash (who plays with Caufield and Suzuki) and thinks he would have held his place with them, especially towards the end of the decade. Now, if he could produce Drouin and Dadonov, it would make a lot of eyes widen across the NHL in light of Trade deadline.

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