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A year later, the Golden Knights were (very) satisfied with the deal

A year later, the Golden Knights were (very) satisfied with the deal

The Jack Eichel saga had a lot in it, but it’s been talked about a lot in the last year. We especially remember that the Sabers striker wanted to put a prosthetic disc in his neck (an operation that had not been done on a hockey player before), but the team did not approve of his plans. Then a series of nonsense followed that led to his departure.

In the end, he would have been traded to Vegas in a brutal deal, where he was finally able to get surgery. The story ended at that point and everyone was happy about it.

The attacking star managed to return to the field last year, but failed to live up to expectations. He finished his season with 25 points in 34 games (which isn’t necessarily bad), but more was expected of him from the Vegas side. This summer he claimed that injuries were slowing him down in his Golden Knights debut.

Today, nearly a year after the deal, things are very different. Eichel is having a blast with his new roster and has been a huge part of the Golden Knights’ success so far.

As for organizing in Vegas, we are very satisfied with the exchange. And that is, even if the acquisition of the right holder is costly. Kelly McCrimmon (GM) decided to take a risk by taking him, and so far this year, she’s paid off. Because last year, the Knights missed the playoffs.

14 Main Interest Points in 13 games make fans forget Alex Tosh lost in the squad and Peyton Crips lost in the potential bank. We are talking about undoubtedly excellent hockey players…

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But what Eichel has been doing since the beginning of the year is the best. The American has regained his confidence and appears to have become the player he was during his good years at Buffalo. He is clearly happy with that.

This, of course, gives a huge boost to a team like the Golden Knights, who compete year after year. The goal is to win the cup and by looking for talented players like Eshel you give yourself the opportunity to achieve that.

He also benefits from Bruce Cassidy’s arrival behind the bench, when the latter was shown by the Bruins organization at the end of last season. It was a rather surprising decision at the time given the work he had done in Boston…and it was the Knights who benefited from it.

Perhaps Jack Eichel’s performance and the addition of a stellar coach in Bruce Cassidy’s record of 11 wins and two losses for the Golden Knights since the start of the year. They crowned top of the league with a set of 22 points, specifically tied with the Boston Bruins.

It’s too early to say who won the Eshel deal, but for now… I think both teams are the winners.

The Knights added the star player they wanted and Seabirds improved their squad by adding Alex Touch (a local guy) and Peyton Crips, an excellent prospect.

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