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Co-working space Le Connectoreur ambitions with its pioneering software

Co-working space Le Connectoreur ambitions with its pioneering software

Benjamin Kabila from Mosul is leading this project. Credits: Mosul

The Connector co-working space in Biarritz will launch its Pioneer program in the spring. Drawing on engineering students from the Basque Country, Bjarne and Landes, he wants to unlock and find solutions to business problems through innovation.

The name may seem a bit presumptuous. However, the “Al-Raed” program aims to find real solutions to business problems. In any case, this is the promise made by Mosul, the co-working space of Crédit Agricole-Pyrénées-Gascogne, which is leading this project, which should see the light in the spring of 2024. “We want to support companies that do not have the time or resources to develop transformation projects, through the lens of innovation.” Comments Benjamin Capella, Pioneer Project Manager.

Thus, the conductor wants to respond to the blocked issues within the various structures through “ Lack of time, resources and culture “So the idea was to provide them with a dedicated team for eight weeks to solve this problem. But a team of students So they bring their new perspective “In fact, to do this, Le Connector brought together three institutions in the region, with three specializations: the engineering school in the Basque Country, ESTIA; the Landes Campus in Mont-de-Marsan in the design specialization; and the business school, ESC Pau Business School. The idea will be to create 10 to 15 project teams consisting of one student from each institution to be hosted in Mosul in Biarritz for eight weeks.

Eight weeks to find solutions to problems

Two months during which students will follow on-site training courses to learn how to best respond to these issues. Real training for students. “The program has been approved by the institutions, so the goal is to train them on innovation for two months.” Benjamin Capella identifies. They will also be supported by IRIIG, the Lyon-based innovation school. “Throughout the course, experts come and implement the courses, and we will also receive testimonials from entrepreneurs, etc. ». For students, who will be placed in teams with students from other schools, this will also be done “To learn how other people work, because often, in business, there are difficulties in understanding how other trades work.” Pioneer project manager confirms.

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Regarding the economic model of training, it is companies that pay for access to this programme: between €5,500 excl. tax for SMEs/groups and €8,500 excl. tax for large groups. “It’s much cheaper than counseling.” Benjamin Capella identifies. In terms of teaching, the schools provide for students who take back higher education credits at the end of the programme. “For students, it is also direct contact with the professional world, which may lead to internships, etc. » Companies will be able to either participate in weekly meetings or mobilize employees throughout the project monitoring period coordinated by entrepreneurs. “Thus, IRIIG can ensure the skills development of these employees.” Benjamin Capella explains. “So it is bankable.”

Mosul is currently touring schools to introduce its program to students, and a partnership agreement with the institutions will be signed on November 9. The schedule provides for the presentation of issues on February 5, weekly observation until the eighth and the week of the program with a graduation ceremony during the trade fair organized on March 28.