Undertakes management 7H The Artists’ Residences edition invited volunteer communities to welcome a company for a residency interspersed with creativity and meetings. The Portes du Haut-Doubs municipal community responded positively.

Love always

The artists from Le Punk à Mouton, welcomed by Valdahon, arrived in the city on Tuesday morning to stay there for the week. It’s time to work on their new creativity: La Remuée #1 – Tristan Oiseult. In this spirit, on Tuesday afternoon, they had time to discuss and wonder about love with the residents of the Denis-Venette townhouse. The band will perform on Friday, October 27 at Espace Ménétrier at 8:30 p.m. La Remuille No. 1 – The Count of Monte Cristo. Une remué is a street theater show based on a simple idea: to transfer a great work of literary heritage to be performed anywhere. The goal is clear: to bring the great classics out of the libraries and into the open air.

free entry. All audiences from 6 years. Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes.