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Minister Diaka Sidibe inaugurates the ISSMV Pôle vie space – Guinéenews©

Minister Diaka Sidibe inaugurates the ISSMV Pôle vie space – Guinéenews©

The Delaba Higher Institute of Sciences and Veterinary Medicine has benefited from a center to promote innovation and entrepreneurship within the campus: “Pôle Vie”. An initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation. It was Minister Dr. Diaka Sidibe who inaugurated the building on Monday, January 22. This event mobilized local authorities, supervisors and students of the institute.

Dr Mamoudou Kouyate, Director General of the Institute, welcomed the reforms initiated by the Minister “The Pôle Vie Program which is the result of your usual foresight constitutes a major reform to support the implementation of the Student Entrepreneur Status. It is a delightful work, the work done is historic and praiseworthy. You remain our source of inspiration. The flagship of our campus embodies evidence of our firm commitment to the ideals of multi-sectoral development, resulting from the policy of the President of the Republic, Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya.

These multiple efforts made by the state to improve study and work conditions for students and teachers, make us always give more, for the development of the nation in general, and our institution in particular. Pôle Vie which we are fortunate to benefit from operating. The community will be able to make good use of it.

This opening ceremony reflects the government's continued interest in making our universities true centers of excellence. All these efforts contribute to enhancing human capital. This is also where our association with FONIJ (National Fund for Youth Integration) takes its full meaning.

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Continuing, Colonel Ali Badara Kamara, Governor of Mamo Region, welcomed the construction of this new infrastructure in Dalaba: “We are following this in terms of innovation, as your administration has launched three pilot projects: the creation of 17 digital workspaces, the pilot project for student entrepreneurs and the practical and study training programme. Thus, the actions have made it possible to: create the state of the entrepreneur. develop the first sites within the framework of the creation of development centers Innovation and entrepreneurship.

The establishment of this new infrastructure once again confirms the government's commitment to permanently improving the working and living conditions of students and faculty.

This is a sure step in seeking a solution to the recurring problem of finding jobs that students face at the end of their studies.

Through the main measures established by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation within the country, we note that the Higher Institute of Science and Veterinary Medicine in Dalaba has become a center of academic, scientific and technological excellence, which brings hope to society. The players in the region, but also to the beneficiaries, which are the students.

The creation of Pôle Vie is not only a real satisfaction for all students and supervisors, but also a legitimate source of pride for the city of Dalaba. The success of this project was only possible thanks to the good use by the university authorities and Paty Blanc of the funds made available to them by the state.

Moreover, I hope that the university authorities, for their great initiative to create a better working environment than ever before, and an ideal space for learning activities in the field of entrepreneurship, will find here an expression of our continued encouragement.“.

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In his speech on this occasion, the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation pointed out the goal of creating a Pôle vie space. “The establishment of the ISSMV Dalaba Center for the Promotion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an approach that contributes to the solution of the problem of employability of our graduates. It is part of the dynamic of implementing the National Student and Entrepreneur status. Its goal is to stimulate the development of entrepreneurship by offering new, efficient facilities and carefully designed buildings to enhance synergy between owners Interest. In this way, this new space is dedicated to student life and also to users and the public about offering entrepreneurship services to students and campus employees.

Modern enterprises need to be modernized and the promotion of entrepreneurship intensified. But one of the essential components that contribute to the implementation of this initiative is the quality of infrastructure and equipment. This is what motivates the multiple efforts of the state to create modern and adequate infrastructure in our higher education institutions. In this context, all the progressive and qualitative achievements and transformations that have taken place at the ISSMV in Dalaba for some time and of which we are proud, have come to light thanks to the financing of the national budget and above all thanks to the government. Rational management of funds to provide Dalaba Institute. This is useful. Therefore, this is an appropriate place for me to send my congratulations to the authorities of the Institute, and to once again commend the President of the Republic for his personal commitment to supporting the education system in general and the higher education sub-sector in the country. private ” Says.

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Dlaba Higher Institute of Veterinary Sciences and Medicine opened its doors in 2006 with the aim of providing initial and continuing training to veterinarians, food product technologists and fisheries and aquaculture engineers.

This year, there are 1,516 students taking courses in the three ISSMV departments. The Institute's Life Center includes work space, a cafeteria, a director's office, a photo studio, a fabrication lab for project design, a phone call booth, a conference room, and restrooms.

The Pôle vie space consists of helping student entrepreneurs better develop their project from idea to implementation.