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Cats set off to conquer space in this super fun game

Cats set off to conquer space in this super fun game

Space Agency MLEM

What is backgammon? Space Agency MLEM ?

Cats are now masters of the earth. They do not intend to stop there, and send their best “astronauts” to conquer new planets. But be careful not to cause “disasters” and cause the rocket to crash.

Accessible from 8 years of age, for 2 to 5 players and matches of 30 to 60 minutes, it is a stop-and-even (risk, “push your luck” in English) dice-throwing game, strongly influenced by chance and generation. Good atmosphere around the table.

Copyrights: Space Agency MLEM It is a game written by Rainer Knizia, illustrated by Joanna Rzebicka, and Sold for €27.95 at Philibert.

Find Space Agency MLEM Priced at 27.95 euros in Philibert

How can you do it?

The game revolves around several trips into space, in which players try to go as far as possible and land on a moon or planet before the rocket crashes miserably.

In each round a Astronaut From each player climbs into the rocket, starting with the pilot of this flight. Each cat has a certain power, which can be used during the flight,

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