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Minecraft : Tous nos guides

Minecraft: All our guides

Maine Craft It is a complete sandbox game, full of updates since 2010. Mojang is expanding the possibilities, from mining diamonds to exploring the end or the lower end. You can also increase functionality by mods or by joining an online server, with or without plugins. Discover all our guides to learn more about Minecraft and its blocks, monsters, biomes and more.

Minecraft 1.19: Guides and news in 2022

At the beginning of the year, Minecraft sees the arrival of quick screenshots of the continuation of the dungeons update: the wild update. This will bring the ancient cities, to the negative layers of the world, populated by Sculk, a new type of block. You will find many treasure chests there, and the warden will defend them firmly.

Minecraft Resumes in 2022 – Latest Updates

While Minecraft updates don’t come out every month, they remain regular. From one version to the next, your experience evolves. Besides the incompatibility of mods, it’s good to know about the changes, especially with the vaults update that changed the generation of ores including diamonds.

Customization: texture packs and mods for Minecraft

The new metal? A different look for your favorite blocks? Thermonuclear management of your energy? Automate with smart computers? Thanks to the nature of the sandbox and the work of the community, the world of Minecraft becomes truly infinite!

If you want to stay vanilla with great control over your world, a Order Guide Available to learn more about their strength. You may also need to know some minecraft games To properly set up your game.

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