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Microsoft is launching a new advanced screenshot tool in Edge

Microsoft is launching a new advanced screenshot tool in Edge

Microsoft’s web browser has a new screenshot tool. The module is still under development, which is disabled by default, and includes advanced editing functions.

Microsoft Edge has a new screenshot tool. However, the tool, which is already available in the stable version of the browser (Edge version 117.0.2045.43), is not activated by default. Microsoft, which is currently still testing it in its browser, decided to hide it in the list dedicated to experimental Edge functions. It was leaker Leopeva64 who discovered this new feature and shared his discovery on Twitter.

This new tool, its name Screenshot of Microsoft Edge It will allow you to take screenshots directly in the browser, but also and above all to edit them. Moreover, you can use the module to take full-page screenshots, i.e. full-length web pages.

To use this new screenshot tool, there are two possible options: You can either click main menuthen select Web captureOr use the keyboard shortcut directly Ctrl+Shift+S.


You will then see the area selector displayed, but also two buttons, at the top of the screen, to select the capture mode: Capture web areaor Capture an entire web page.

Microsoft Edge capture area or page

Once you take a screenshot, it automatically opens in an editing tool built right into your browser. This module will allow you to draw footnotes, in several colors, with the ability to specify the line thickness. You can also copy the screenshot to the Windows clipboard to use elsewhere, share it, or simply save it to your computer’s storage.

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Microsoft Edge screenshot editing tool

How to enable the new screenshot tool in Edge?

Since the new Edge Screenshot tool is currently still being tested by development teams at Microsoft, it must be activated manually from the browser’s dedicated menu of experimental functions.

To access it, simply type edge://flags/#edge of the screenshot in the browser address bar.

Screenshot of Microsoft Edge sign

Then click the drop-down menu on the right and change the value shortening by maybe. Then click on the button To restart To save the changes made and restart Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge tag screen capture is enabled

Once Edge restarts on your computer, the new screenshot module should automatically be available. However, it is very likely that over the next few days it will not be necessary to perform this manipulation to get this new tool in the stable version of Edge on Windows. Oddly enough, Microsoft has already activated it by default in the macOS version of its web browser.

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