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Michelle Obama succeeds Joe Biden

Michelle Obama succeeds Joe Biden

Two weeks ago, Michelle Obama said she was terrified at the prospect of Donald Trump winning a second term.

Since that statement, made as part of a CNN podcast, conservative media outlets have taken turns fanning the former first lady's candidacy rumor.

Persistent rumor

Among the voices fueling the rumor, while fueling mistrust regarding the Obama team's dirty trick, is New York Times columnist New York Post Cindy Adams was the one who sparked the most reaction.

Like many other observers, Adams points to the scant support for the incumbent president and highlights the fact that he has been unable to maintain the pace of the campaign.

According to her, if Biden was unable to discuss, he would have exhausted Barack Obama's patience. She also thinks that Michelle is just bait and that she is the 44thH The boss who will pull the strings.

Adding to the Obamas' impatience, she adds, without evidence, that Michelle Obama was going to meet with CEOs of major companies from the summer of 2022 after she made her decision.

Should we take Adams seriously? Let us first suffice it to remember that she is considered the “Gossip Queen” of New York, and the champion of gossip.

Moreover, this is not the first time that Michelle Obama has acknowledged her hatred for Trump and her fears for American democracy.

Michelle Obama and the political circus

Michelle Obama has a very bad reputation, which is a factor if she joined the campaign this late. He is already very popular among Democrats, and will benefit from the support of 56% of all voters.

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Since it is not officially nominated, this data is not reliable. Let us remember that Hillary Clinton enjoyed great popularity after assuming the position of Secretary of State, but that did not prevent her from suffering a humiliating defeat in 2016.

It should come as no surprise that Barack Obama is disappointed with Joe Biden. He had advised him not to run in the 2020 elections, and the relationship between the two men was not warm at all, as was said. Is this enough to put him out of work ten months before the elections?

Less polarizing than Hillary, Michelle Obama does not seem to have the same thirst for power. We can safely say that she is currently living the best years of her life.

I think she will do better than Joe Biden and will have a very good chance of winning. I also think the Kamala Harris clan will give it free rein, but she still has to want it.

She wasn't really excited about the idea of ​​her husband becoming president in 2008, and I would be very surprised if she was motivated by the prospect of returning to Washington when the political climate there has rarely been so unhealthy.

The Obamas have become wealthy influencers, and even if they are given the halo that was once reserved for the Kennedys, they will participate in the election campaign, but they will not return to the White House.