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Immigration: Without a work permit despite crying

Immigration: Without a work permit despite crying

A school day care teacher of French origin could find herself without a work permit in 2024. She deplores the complexity of the procedures to be able to continue working in Quebec, especially in the context of a labor shortage.

Sandra Oblin arrived in the national capital in June 2019. The lady, who already had 17 years of experience in family day care, got a part-time job at a school in Quebec, while she got her undergraduate degree in Childhood Education Technologies.

Her work permit is due to expire in 2024. The point is that to get a new one, she must have a full-time job. However, in the nursery where you work, these positions are reserved for employees with greater seniority.

“Currently there are older employees before me occupying these positions. It’s not that I don’t want to work 30 hours, currently I have 30 one hour, but with overtime with understaffed […] Ms Oblen explains: “It doesn’t count as full-time.

The educator loves her job. His two sons, 26 and 22, also live and work in the Quebec region.

“Going back to France is not an option for me at all,” she says. “I’ve had a job for 3 years. I want to stay here…”

I tried to get help from the government, but to no avail.

“They told me they couldn’t do anything, and that I had to change my job,” she said wistfully.

Mrs. Oplin, sorry for this situation. She does not understand why she is unable to obtain a work permit, at a time when the needs in this field are increasing.

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“It’s normal for Quebec to set conditions, but right now they’re probably very severe,” Me Maxime Lapointe said.

An attorney who specializes in immigration law believes that the government should make immigration programs more flexible.

“We suffer them there from the effects of the reform of the Quebec Experience Program in July 2020. We are testing them and there are people for whom the immigration process will end abruptly if the employer does not want to take the relay to an international recruitment process,” he states.

Immigration Minister Christine Frechette’s office did not want to comment on this specific case, but said they understood the situation and claimed they had informed the ministry of the situation.

With information from Marie-Pierre Roy

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