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Meghan and Harry: This warning for the couple before they return to the United Kingdom

Meghan and Harry: This warning for the couple before they return to the United Kingdom

Meghan and Harry, The Sussex couple return to UK Will happen very soon. Even in the presence of Meghan Markle Prince Harry's next trip to England is purely speculative, with few royal experts speaking out on the matter. According to them, the Duchess of Sussex, 42, at an upcoming event Invictus Games No Not really desirable.

If the former actress makes the trip, royal expert Marlene Koenig estimates, it will be enough. He returned to England And for its appearance. The royal expert believes that Meghan Markle will divert the attention of the public and the press from what is essential: the 10th anniversary of a sports tournament dedicated to veterans.

Meghan and Harry have a long way to go

Prince Harry is expected Going to London soon. On May 8, a service marking the 10th anniversary will be held at Saint-Paul Cathedral. Invictus Games. If everyone isn't doubting the arrival of the Duke of Sussex, the same can't be said for his wife, Meghan Markle.

Government expert Cameron Walker said GB News Meghan and Harry have”Again Way to go If they want to increase their popularity with the British people“Indeed, Sussex scores well in recent surveys YouGov Says a lot about what awaits them.

Meghan and Harry: The Sussex couple aren't very popular

Meghan and Harry stepped back from their royal duties in 2020 To create a new life In the United States, the country of birth of the Duchess of Sussex. The pair were portrayed through scandalous interviews and devastating revelations Not a very comfortable picture Members of the royal family. This has caused a huge rift between the Sussexes and members of the royal family.

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On the public side, many did not appreciate the route and the post Chosen by Meghan and HarryThe Duchess of Sussex was favored by 21% of those questioned in the survey. YouGov. 31% prefer Prince Harry, but he is trailing Prince William with 73%. Kate Middleton is so popular that 76% of those questioned have a favorable opinion of her.