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McDonald’s: Man left ‘sweating and shaking’ after eating ‘disgusting’ burger.

McDonald’s: Man left ‘sweating and shaking’ after eating ‘disgusting’ burger.

A man has not yet recovered from the horrific experience he endured after eating a McDonald’s hamburger, saying he is still haunted.

On November 25, Anton Vallely, an Australian, ate a Quarter Pounder with Cheese at around 2am on Coolum Beach after a few drinks, but his happiness was short-lived.

In the dark, he swallowed three burgers before stopping to search for the source of the fishy taste using his phone’s flashlight.

Then he noticed that the two steaks on his hamburger were only partially cooked.

“I was sweating and shaking,” Vallely told He added that he felt “devastated” since eating the burger.

The Australian, who plays in a music group, then started vomiting and has since complained of a change in his throat.

“I feel like vomiting has changed the way I sing,” he said.

“I was sick as soon as I realized it, and now I have a weird feeling in my throat and I’m sweating,” he explained.


Mr. Vallely called a McDonald’s branch to inform them that they had sold him a raw hamburger. He followed his instructions to keep it until he could return it for investigation.

The restaurant chain offered him a refund and a replacement meal, but Mr Vallely says he has stopped eating at McDonald’s for now.

He said a friend who was with him at the time got a cooked hamburger.

A McDonald’s spokesman said the company received Vallely’s complaint.

“McDonald’s takes food safety very seriously and follows strict processes and procedures to ensure the quality of its food,” the spokesperson told

The latter also confirmed that Coolum Beach McDonald’s received a complaint on November 27 regarding an undercooked beef steak.

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“We immediately investigated the complaint and offered the customer a full refund and a replacement meal. We take complaints of this nature very seriously and will continue to work with the restaurant to take the necessary action,” the spokesperson continued.