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Filming secrets revealed with Patrick Roy and Mario Tremblay

Filming secrets revealed with Patrick Roy and Mario Tremblay

The Uber Eats ad starring Patrick Roy and Mario Tremblay gets a lot of talk, especially since The two men hadn’t spoken to each other for 20 years. In the advertisement, the two protagonists talk about arranging their food before they compete head-to-head in a game of table hockey.

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Mario Dumont interviewed Jonathan Hamill, Uber’s Director of Public Affairs in Quebec, about the story behind the ad.

“I, in 1995, when it happened, I remember very well the next morning saying to my father, ‘Dad, what will happen to the Canadian? “The Canadian, for now, we saw that with the qualifiers, game number 6 tomorrow, so we wanted to have a story that brought the people of Quebec together, which came to get them.”

Jonathan Hamill refers to the historic match of December 2, 1995 Between Al-Kindi and Detroit Red Wings. At the time, Mario Tremblay was coach of the Montreal Canadiens, and Patrick Roy was the goalkeeper. While Patrick Roy wanted to walk away from the network, Mr. Tremblay was slow to agree to his request. On the bench, Roy skips his coach, gives him an icy look and informs Ronald Curry, then head of the team, that he wants to be traded. A few days later, he joined the ranks of the Colorado Avalanche.

Mr. Hamel sent the advertisement to Mr. Roy and Mr. Tremblay, who responded to them. “When they got the advertisement, they liked the concept and the comic feel in it, and inquired whether either of them was interested or not. When they learned that the two had the desire to move forward, as I saw in the interviews, they wanted to meet again and reunite,” he says.

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On the day of the shoot, the weather was calm. “There is a point where they first play mini hockey, and they are at a certain distance, and they look at each other in their eyes, and one of them says,” It’s been more than 20 years since “they haven’t been spoken, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, And now we look at each other intently in our eyes for a few minutes, ”Everyone smiled. I think they wanted to meet again. We could feel that two friends are reconciling, and this is the message they send to the Quebecers. They tell people,“ Go see the loved ones you are with. ” In the cold, feel free to call them, it feels good. “

Jonathan Hamill hinted that there will be a second duo coming in the next few weeks, which will generate just as much interest.