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Matthias Norlender and Emil Heinemann should not play

Matthias Norlender and Emil Heinemann should not play

The Rocket will begin its first playoff Friday night in Syracuse. Remember that with their wins at the end of the season, the Canadian school club managed to avoid playing the entry round (two out of three) which resulted in a duel of three of five against the next comets. He went straight to the three out of five (and against a team other than the comets, who finished first in the North Division).

So Jean-Francois Hoully’s men will face Benoit Groulx (Syracuse Crunch) on Friday.

Here is the official schedule for the series between the two teams:


The .590 and Crunch (.599) missiles had roughly the same success in 2021-22. Except that the missile dealt with the crisis more harshly than the opposite when they played against each other…

Right now, everything is pointing to that RDS will not broadcast the first missile game. 91.9 Sports will do it on FM…

The team trained this morning and according to Anthony Marcotte, who follows the club’s activities closely, positive feedback It was excellent on the ice.

The missile is leaving for Syracuse tomorrow.

We can see Emil Heineman (non-contact jacket) and Mattias Norlinder (regular jacket) on the ice. However, neither of them will face a crisis tomorrow night. So JF Houle will wait before replacing his regulars with players who were still in Europe not too long ago. Respect the guys who brought you there and keep working…

When attacked, it might look like this:

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Harvey Benard – DEA – BELZEL
Burke Shenar Tisdale
Geniac – Bucket – two colors
Martel Bowden Smith Bailey

Good news for the team : Louis Belpidio did not suffer a major injury in the match last Saturday.

Note that JF Houle will try to win And To develop young players in the organization during the 2022 series.

You can get tickets for games scheduled at Place Bell next week here. Hurry up because there isn’t much left…

While you’re at it, sign up for this contest launched by Rocket. We never know…

GB imprisonment Go rocket! Several Canadian supporters swapped out their CH jacket for the Rocket jacket for a few days…

a lot of

– Last night’s other school club season ended with Newfoundland losing.

“If anyone thinks Kent Hughes’ plan is unclear, go and read this.

The Seattle Sounders will try to win the CONCACAF Champions League before they win tonight.