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Martin St. Louis understands Juraj Slavkovski: “We make sure we help him”

Martin St. Louis understands Juraj Slavkovski: “We make sure we help him”

Las Vegas | Martin St. Louis realizes that Juraj Slavkovski’s confidence is fragile. However, despite the lack of points, the Canadian coach is satisfied with the performance of his young protégé.

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“I’m very encouraged by the progress he’s made over the last 12 months. He touches the puck a lot more than last year. He’s in the right places. I can’t wait to see where he’ll be in another 12 months,” St. Louis said, in the hallways of a Las Vegas hotel, on the eve of The match against the Golden Knights.

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“Scoring a goal and collecting points definitely helps a player. One should not focus strictly on the result,” he added. “That is why I often tell him that it is the process that is important.”

Photo by Martin Chevalier

Throughout the conversation, St. Louis was keen to point out that the young Slovakian’s development continues on its normal course.

“And managing that on your own, at 19 years old, is not easy. So, we are making sure to help him.”

It would have helped him, without exhausting himself, to explain the case of St. Louis. Communication is important to support someone who lacks confidence. However, danger awaits those who are too adventurous. By wanting to support someone too much, we sometimes end up pushing them a little too far.

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“I don’t talk to him every day all the time. I have to let him breathe a little bit, the former Lightning Glory mentioned in this regard. When I feel like he needs a little chat, I talk to him. Sometimes it’s just for two or three minutes.”

Undefeated champions

After coming from behind to win tiebreakers in their last two games, Montreal will face the Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights on Monday night. They have yet to lose in regulation time this season (8-0-1).

Can a team as heavy and balanced as the Knights take advantage of Slavkovski’s fragility?

“Slave is doing a very good job defensively. I’m not afraid to put him in any situation,” St. Louis insisted.

Speaking to the media, the coach did not know the identity of the goalkeeper he would send into battle.

No further details were revealed regarding the health condition of Mike Matheson, who suffered a lower body injury during the confrontation with the planes.