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Antoine Roussel wants nothing to do with Trevor Zegras in Montreal

Antoine Roussel wants nothing to do with Trevor Zegras in Montreal

Trevor Zegras is definitely a forward making a lot of noise in Montreal. He has been linked to the Canadiens on several occasions and these rumors have not only been amplified by the Montreal media.

Less “biased” journalists/media outlets also mentioned the Ducks forward's name to the Canadian.

If Zegras is a very talented, but somewhat inconsistent player since his NHL debut, some people don't want to know anything about him. This is the case of Antoine Roussel (On the podcast exit zone)Who said he didn't want him close to the Canadian.

The Frenchman realizes he may be wrong, but he is currently last on his list. Remember, Grant McCague also said he didn't want him here.

Shortly before the former NHL forward's comments, Richard Labbé mentioned Zegras' name when talking about adding a talented player to the second line.

I don't know how much it would cost one of Cole Caufield's good friends, but he won't do it cheap. In 2023-24, he had just seven points in 20 games — I don't want to excuse that — but injuries hampered him most of the season.

If there's a team that can get their hands on the American, it's the Canadian. The team appears to be on the cusp of completing a rebuild and is flush with draft picks. Over the next two seasons, Kent Hughes has four first-round picks. Could the Jets and Flames/Panthers picks interest his counterpart in California?

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And if it takes more, Montreal is counting on several interesting prospects as well.

At the beginning of March, Jean-Charles Lajoie spoke First round pick (top 5 protected) and Arber Xhekaj. Is the supply sufficient? One thing is for sure, Russell finds a top-7 pick too high for a guy who is clearly in CH's crosshairs.

Simon Boisvert on the podcast practical, He also said a few weeks ago that he would not trade the 2024 CH pick for the 23-year-old forward.

a lot of

– What a terrible start for him with the Dodgers!

– Reading about Jeff Gorton.

– The match was never close.

-From best friends to worst enemies. Cozy was also honored at the start of the match.

– A rare difficult match for him.