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“Martin Matty Live”: “I am the Matty of the Present” – Julie Le Breton

“Martin Matty Live”: “I am the Matty of the Present” – Julie Le Breton

Julie Le Breton revealed some secrets about her relationship with motherhood, Thursday evening, during her visit to Martin Matty Live.

The actress who shared the screen with the comedian in the series Beautiful teasingShe spoke, among other things, about the maternal mourning she had to deal with at some point in her life.

“Life took me down other paths,” she said for the first time, explaining that she had to do some “reprogramming” of indoctrination imposed by society.

“It’s like I can’t imagine being a complete woman without having kids, and that’s not the case at all. At some point, it’s just deprogramming. You get to the other side of quarantine, where it gets harder.” “Biologically… in terms of energy as well.”

“I’m happy. I’m healthy, and I’m surrounded by people I love, including a lot of children I love. I’m truly a current aunt! I’m a mother!” she added frankly.

“now, [le fait de ne pas avoir d’enfant] This may be by choice or for medical reasons. The actress we are watching this season continued: criminal case.

Beautiful teasing 3.0?

Before returning Beautiful discomfortIn 2021, Julie Le Breton suggested that the Martins would return for a new season every five years to follow the development of their fictional family on the small screen.

On Thursday evening, it also renewed its interest in participating in a new version of the project, much to the delight of those present at Espace St-Denis who warmly welcomed the news.

a team Martin Matty Live For this occasion, I was keen to prepare a video clip recalling the few laughs that the actors had while filming last season, which was filmed in the heart of Covid.

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New clip and fun time with Pierre Brassard

Tired of being asked if she was in a relationship for fear of receiving spam on social networks, Julie Le Breton received a love song from Appendeux, Jean-François Provençal and Julien Corriveau.

The actress also opened up for a new gaming segment on the show, as well as performing a teleprompter sketch.

For his part, Martin Matty brought his friend Pierre Brassard riding a horse in order to relax and have a good time with him.

Martin Matty Live It airs on TVA every Thursday at 8 p.m. Mike Ward will be next week’s guest.