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Marie-Louise Arsenault will host the show that will replace La soiree est (still) jeune

Marie-Louise Arsenault will host the show that will replace La soiree est (still) jeune

Anything can happen It aims to be a large unified platform focused on the cultural, social, political or even sports news of the week. We will mix interviews, discussions and presentations.

Every Saturday, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., Marie-Louise Arsenault will share the microphone with columnists and columnists as well as guests. A resident music group will also be on hand to provide the atmosphere.

Bold, emotional and legendary energy Marie-Louise has a great ability to create radio events, Carolyn Jammett, General Manager of Sound and Radio at Radio Canada, said in a press release. It is able to combine rigor with fun, and is sure to provide a wonderful new encounter for listeners.

The merrier, the more we read! take his leave

It was the desire to take on a new challenge that prompted Marie-Louise Arsenault to stop The merrier, the more we read! to devote himself to Anything can happen.

What a privilege I had to host The merrier the more we read! She said in her statement over the past 11 years. It’s a program we’ve created tenfold, delivered daily with love, commitment, and gratitude.

Marie-Louise Arsinoe will continue to provide The fight for children’s books and the National Book Fight. It will also host interviews several times a year with figures from the literary and intellectual worlds.

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At the moment, we do not know which cultural program will replace The merrier, the more we read!It airs every day of the week in the early afternoon. ICI Première will say more soon and promise that literature will find its place there.

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The radio station will also announce what will happen to the show soon the human naturewhich is currently hosted by Monic Néron on Saturday from 4 pm to 5 pm, which will be broadcast on Sunday from 5 pm to 7 pm, a period of time that it currently occupies Evening (still) young.

This fall, this popular show won’t be back on the air in its current form.