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Gareau explains: "Ties are cut off": a sudden break with Celine Dion

Gareau explains: “Ties are cut off”: a sudden break with Celine Dion

The year 2000 was marked by the release of under the windsang the title Celine Dion and they were, of all playlists after more than 20 years. Singing a duet with planetary star Celine Dion necessarily brought good to Jarrow’s career. But if he could go so far in the company of the singer, her husband and manager at the time Rene Angelil, the former superstar of music notre-Dame de Paris preferred to go his own way: “Watch a clip ‘under the wind’, I saw a nice analogy, very analog. […] She wanted to take me so high and then, at one point, I almost cut the rope to let me float.He reveals this on En Aparté expensive Unveils an exclusive excerpt.

Jarrow did not have the same ambitions as Celine Dion and does not regret this choice: “I wanted to go down more than go up. I didn’t want to be around the planet. There was a limit, I didn’t want to go higher, not out of fear, but I said to myself: ‘When you pass the clouds, there are times when you look the same“…that’s why former comrade Laurie Bester wanted to distance himself. So.”cut the bridgesAnd stay away from the spouses:We were very close to Celine. […] I don’t think she understood.

Did Celine Dion blame Jarrow for putting distance between them? never. The bonds have certainly loosened up, but the artists are always happy to meet again and bring back the good memories they had together: “Every time we meet, it’s magic, and there are so many things going on in our eyes. There was all this complicity, a real connection. We did the same work, we were two little rough diamonds in Quebec, I tried to understand my vision, my vision, so we had a unique bondWords that will greatly benefit the main interested party, whose health plays tricks.

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