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Marc-Andre Fleury keeps smiling

Marc-Andre Fleury keeps smiling

Goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury, acquired from the Vegas Golden Knights on July 27, said he is happy to join the Chicago Blackhawks despite the somewhat unusual circumstances of his departure from Nevada.

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Quebecers held their first press conference on Wednesday since the exchange he learned from his agent Alan Walsh. Obtained in return from Mikael Hakarinen, he admits that the past few days have been a bit crazy. Also, Florey said he was grateful to his new organization for understanding, given that he didn’t see the blow coming.

“He was a little sick, wasn’t he?” Sure, there are a lot of things that came into play. I’m so glad Stan [Bowman] It has given me time to think about what I want to do, and what is best for me and my family,” he said in a video conference about his CEO.

Remember that this is the first time Fleury has undergone a transaction. In 2017, the Pittsburgh Penguins left when they were selected in the expansion draft by the Knights.

Back on the day of the deal, the veteran was succinct and succinct, also remembering that his former Vegas partner Robin Lehner who also played for the Hawks had told him kind words about Chicago.

“My agent called me, and told me the news was going around on Twitter. That’s how I learned. I don’t have a social network, so I don’t watch that kind of thing. He knows it, which is why he called me.”

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“I had nothing against Chicago and the organization. It was about me personally,” he said to justify the moment before he announced his decision to join the Hawks as he questioned the rest of his career. I’ve spoken with several men [NDLR : Chris Kunitz, Cam Ward, Craig Adams et Lehner] And they told me a lot of great things about the team.”

It is the familial aspect that matters most to the Suriloa family, who are no longer a “22-year-old with only a suitcase”. Florey must have discussed moving to Chicago with his wife, and the couple has already visited some homes and schools in the area.

According to Fleury, Patrick Kane is the player who has caused him the biggest penalty shootout problems during his career. With training, he’ll measure himself against the renegade like never before.

“I’m looking forward to training with him every day and having some big fights,” said the goalkeeper, who hopes to see Jonathan Toyos in good shape as soon as possible.

Florey would also like to make a positive impact on 26-year-old goalkeeper Kevin Lankinen, who was one of the big surprises last season with the Hawks. It’s unclear how the two will be used by coach Jeremy Coleton, but the veteran has been talking about the Finns.

“I watched him play a little bit last season,” he said. He is a very talented goalkeeper, still young. I hope I can help it and contribute to its development. It’s going to be a crazy table, so players will have to play. It’s a good thing.”

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