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Maple Leaves 4 - Canadian 1 |  Expected result

Maple Leaves 4 – Canadian 1 | Expected result

There are evenings where the book of apology is thrown in the trash, recycled, or compost bin with old cauliflower stalks and egg shells. And there are nights that, honestly, are used by a team that you don’t blame.

Levranso cloudsLevranso clouds

Simon Oliver LawrangeSimon Oliver Lawrange

No one has released the excuse, but can we suggest that the Canadian, as we knew him several weeks ago, who is facing the best team in his league, has only had very hypothetical chances, less than a third of his usual strikers?

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Under the circumstances, this 4-1 loss to Toronto Maple Leaves was not surprising.

To contain the dangerous Torontonians, Brendan Gallagher, Thomas Tatar, Jonathan Drouin and Paul Byron have already been forbidden to foreclosures. Four forwards are part of Top 12 For the team since the beginning of the season. Their absence did not lead to exactly optimal training in advance. Among the contradictions:


Nick Suzuki (14) and Tyler Toffoli (73)

– The four combined trios have not been published. Joel Jeremiah, Gisbury Kotkaniemi and Corey Perry were the ones who had the most experience together this season before this match; They’ve spent 4:51 AM as a trio this season, according to Natural Stat Trick.

Cole Coffield, definitely full of talent, was playing his second National League match, in the team’s most attacking trio. We’ve said it over and over again in these pages, but it’s an illusion to think Caufield arrives as a savior.

– Michael Frolick, the most experienced, was playing his third game of the season for CH, and his fifth match – short – in 13 months if we add the two he played with Rocket.

– Eric Stahl, still unable to find his way to go, was delicately surrounded by Frolik on one side. In short, Jake Evans – who recently dried up for six straight matches in the stands – was the most dangerous striker in the unit.

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With many attackers absent, Staal himself remains used to the power game.

Josh Anderson confirmed: “It is a challenge, we miss important elements, but we also have very good players who come from the reserve team or the American League.” We have a good group of players, and believe it or not, I believed in this team from day one. ”

Flat team


Jesperi Kotkaniemi

CH’s fate wasn’t yet. Surprises happen in life. The Canucks beat Maple Leafs twice in a row after a long break due to COVID-19. The Americans defeated the Soviets at Lake Placid. And who saw the Backstreet Boys win over Smashing Pumpkins coming Fight clips In 1995? World Health Organization ? ?

However, that brings us back to the good old talent. The Hab does not have the superior talent many of their competitors have in the division. At his press conference, Josh Anderson decided that the foliage was flat (level), And he’s not entirely wrong.

They didn’t necessarily cause Montreal residents to mess around all evening. Only when the team has a lot of talent is it effective in the power game. Tyler Toffoli saw the score 39 seconds after kick-off, early in the match, when he saw William Nelander score. And always when they’re extremely talented, the team can “trigger” their lucky breaks, as Austin Matthews did. Few players have such hand-eye coordination and firing. Put the two together and you’ll have a lovely second Leafs Goal.

Ultimately, the Canadians scored two small wins in seven games against Toronto this season. Remember that if the picture remains unchanged, these two teams will meet in the first round of the qualifiers.

We’ll have to see what the troops will look like in mid-May. But even with all its workforce, the Hab will be of neglect. Gallagher’s comeback will make all the difference, but it won’t eliminate the talent of the other side.

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On the Ascension: Philip Danault


Philip Danault

Deprived of his regular two wards, he was still performing well against the trio of Aston Matthews.

Bottom: John Merrill

After an exciting start with his new team, we saw more of his limits in this match.

Match number: 1100

Joe Thornton’s pass for Jake Muzin was 1100e From her career. He is the seventh player in history to reach this figure. More impressive: Even if he didn’t score a single goal in his career, he would be 63 years olde In the story to get points!

in detail

galchenyuk natural

What a great journey Alex Galchenyuk made in the NHL! Not only is he 27 years old at his seventh foundation, but most of all he seems to be getting a grace wherever he goes. Toronto is no exception. The Leafs bought it for a pittance during the winter, and in its first games, we were in great reviews. Recently, however, Queen City’s media have been disappointed. With the qualifiers nearing, “Can we trust Alex Galchenyuk?” The Athletic was asked- Many Montreal fans have their thoughts on this.

The comments came on the heels of the striker’s last five matches, which ended with a pass-through with a rating of -8. Wednesday morning, Leaves coach Sheldon Keefe indicated that the American had been able to maintain a “high standard” of play for a long time. Time, but the time has come for him to “pay attention to detail in defense.” In the evening, Galchenyuk did the exact opposite. However, he remained with John Tavares and William Nelander on the ice in just two attempts to shoot his team five by five and was personally guilty of two turns. Meanwhile, the Canadian fired, mainly through Nick Suzuki’s trio, 17 rounds. Nature hunt …

Bad connection


John Merrill (28) chases the disc near Jack Campbell’s net

There has been a lot of talk lately of the “connection” to be mastered between the Canadian defenders and forwards who move into the opponent’s area. Obviously, it will be necessary to talk about it again. Sometimes on Wednesdays, attempts by all the Habs backsliding to overrun their land became either a pass or a show of the Leafs. “This is one of the factors that worried the Montreal players, defender Joel Edmundson admitted, but we did not play well in general,” he added. For his part, coach Dominic Ducharme pointed to implementation errors, as well as poor support among his teammates and lack of movement. He said, “When the feet do not move and remain implanted, it is rare for you to have great success.” “At this level, it is not all about skill,” Ducharme said. It comes down to being mentally sharp. “

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Pictures have been tested


Philip Danault (24) and Artury Licon (62) cannot grab a free disc in front of Jack Campbell’s network.

Josh Anderson didn’t have to paint a picture to illustrate his aversion to loss often. We feel the attacker is impatient, upset. So much so, that, for lack of anything better, he relied on outdated clichés by asserting that “a two-goal lead is the worst in hockey” and that “anything can happen if you send pucks into the net.” Let’s move on to the first, because his team has not cleared any deficit with two goals in the last 13 games. The second, however, is intriguing. As far as the perks are concerned, Anderson is right: When in doubt, it’s best to shoot. But you still have to put a little love in it. Against Leaves on Wednesday, CH sent 59 balls towards the net, including 32 on goal, against an opponent who had only drawn 45 times. But how many of those shots were really threatening? Not bad the least. The advanced statistic site Natural Stat Trick listed only three chances to score Habs’ quality scores of five against five. Nothing to spend a hell of night on goalkeeper Jack Campbell. “We have to find a way to make his life more difficult,” Anderson said. To spend time in his half circle, to disturb their defense, to be physical. This is how we have to play. “