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"Thank you so much!"  Ilya Kovalchuk said

“Thank you so much!” Ilya Kovalchuk said

Forget about supposed neutrality. Having managed to kill five to three for more than an endless minute with courage and shots topped by players who were stuck in front of pucks in the third minute, I struggled with the last two minutes of a 1-0 win over Avangard from Bob Hartley …

Forbidden shots, fierce defensive retreat, hellish discipline, you’d ask them for the TV to hold up against the Avangard.

Then the camera showed us Ilya Kovalchuk with the captain of C team on the jersey and all the other players piling up behind the goal, and Bob Hartley cuddling his assistants.

A moment of pure ecstasy in front of Vladislav Tretyak and other Red Army greats …

Unfortunately, the Eleven sports network cut off as I was watching the game a little early …

“They have a lot of heart.”

not important. Half an hour later, FaceTime was ringing. Hartley was from his office in Balchikha. With Jack Clotter, his eternal partner. The coach was brilliant: “No, but do you have a heart! Have you seen them blocking shots? Worse still, kill the given double power game, and worse still, I refrain from saying more to CSKA?” Hartley said with a very happy smile: “I’m so proud of them, and proud of them. So much for players, our journey has been so full of pitfalls that I tell the Russian media that our story deserves a big movie. “

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Not having time to speak to Coco Cloutier, Poutine disconnected. It was actually my damned phone battery …

The bus journey is not over yet. Yesterday evening you can find pictures of happy holidays in Omsk, Siberia. Moreover, many supporters made the trip to Balashikha to cheer on their fans.

Image courtesy of Avangard of Omsk

“We might have a charter flight to Omsk, I’m not sure,” Super Pop had time to tell.

Putin is cute and Stephan Langdeo is classiest. Half an hour later, I found Hartley while speaking on the Langdu program.

“Thank you very much … Good luck to Canadians!”

direct. The same joy, the same appreciation and humility when a 91.9 host told him the coach deserved his place in the Hall of Fame then: “No, Bob Hartley never won the Cup. Teams won it. Their effort, and we felt a tremendous amount of energy on the bench. Hartley replied.

Hartley then passed the phone on to Ilya Kovalchuk. At the age of 37, Kovalchuk won with Hartley what he could not do when he was young in Atlanta: “Bob, he is the best coach. He has formed a big family. And before the listeners leave, thank you very much … and we wish you the Canadians good luck,” Kovi launched Directly from Balasheikha.

“Thank you very much” are more than 90% of the French from the current Canadian players. But Hartley’s evening was not over yet. A little later, in a completely broken locker room, Kovalchuk handed his coach the sixteenth point of the series to complete the Sixteen Hour of Victory … and in a flurry of laughter, the Captain and the Avangard men gave a happy rocking to the man from Hawkesbury …

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Five Pieces in Five for a Super Pop …