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Maestro Louis aka Hexaquil did a “colossal revision”, his repertoire close to a thousand songs! (Video)

While celebrating his 10th victory on February 1, Louis, the current famous maestro Don’t forget the wordsHe revealed the many songs he reviewed on the sidelines and during the show.

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This is a great first in history Don’t forget the words ! Nagoe He shares his game from January 26th with a YouTuber. The latter also prefers the term streamer when asked about his job. “[Je travaille] On a platform that allows content to be distributed over the Internet. And that’s right I am lucky enough to make a living now by playing video games in front of peoplehe explained Louis. The Biscarrosse native enjoys, in fact,Notoriety in the field of social networking, he amassed more than 42,000 subscribers on Twitch and about 15,000 people subscribed to his Twitter account. Far from being a rookie, the maestro earned the silver mic thanks to his hard work and proved it again this evening…

Classic course

like Kiss, the young man has worked – a lot – to present the post-show. Lewis is even one of those who dug a lot, because when his eyes aren’t glued to fictional characters, streamers learn songs. “How much do you think you checked?the host asks bluntly.I would say about 850The candidate admits as we hear the audience gasp. Very excited, Lewis continues to revise the scripts despite the intense pace of filming.Sunday, I checked a lot, it’s hard to memorize a lot in a short time on the other handnotes the concerned manager who made no false note this Wednesday, or nearly so.

Quite difficult finals

Nagui had a bit of fun with the maestro’s accuracy issues and interpretation Single Jarrow is not without difficulties. However, the 2000s pipe brought him luck as he was able to attempt the final with €1,000 during the evening’s premiere. At the end of the second, Lewis was also careful, not daring to target the 20,000 euros at stake. However, he can congratulate himself on already achieving 10 wins. On February 1, his cat was enlarged by an additional €2,000, and he offered €44,000 on the counter.