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Julie St-Pierre’s performance in La Voix makes netizens react and many are unhappy

The producers of La Voix had a surprise for us on Sunday night, when a singer well known to the Quebec public appeared before the coaches to give an unforgettable performance. It was none other than Julie St-Pierre who took to the stage at the start of the program broadcast on Sunday night.

After 21 years of charming Quebec audiences at Mixmania, here she is again trying her luck at La Voix. The 37-year-old charmed the coaches with a rendition that combined sensitivity with the power of Alanis Morissette’s hit song You Oughta Know.

Margo was the first to turn, followed by Marc Dupree and Mario Belchat. Cornell was the only one of the four coaches not to press his red button.

And with this performance, we can expect her to go far into the adventure, teaming up with Mark Dupree!

A woman who has carved out a special place for herself in the hearts of Quebec audiences in recent years, particularly as a radio host, seemed very moved and happy at the end of her performance.

But why did you decide to appear in La Voix today? The main interested party answered this question from Charles Lafortune.

“The main reason is very simple: I just want to sing. What I love most is singing on TV. This is what bothers me the most and I can’t explain it. I feel like it’s because it started like this with Mixmania 20 years ago. It allows me to be free, to sing. »

The secretive girl didn’t even tell her mother she was going to La Voix and Mario Belchat decided to pick up Julie St-Pierre’s phone and call her to tell her that her daughter managed to shoot three coaches and that she now had to choose the team she wanted to play for.

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A particularly touching moment in which we felt the lady’s pride in her daughter!

And after a deliberation where Julie St-Pierre listed what each of the three coaches involved could bring her, Marc Dupree delighted in announcing that she would be singing on her team.

After three weeks of blind auditions, here are the four teams standing:

A question on everyone’s lips

As was the case three years ago with Suzie Villeneuve, the presence of Julie St-Pierre revives the debate about whether a program like La Voix should make artists already known to the public or whether it should introduce us to new sounds instead.

The question certainly arises, but judging by the comments posted on social media, the vast majority of fans of the show were thrilled to see the 37-year-old perform on stage.

Here are some of the reactions posted on social media:

“Elle has a lot of talent. I actually heard him do a duet with Lara Fabian on Rouge FM. I was surprised by his talent.”

“A great comeback and a good choice of coach for it in my opinion. I can’t wait to follow his journey!”

However, some netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that a public figure is introducing herself to La Voix.

“Those who already have a career in singing, should not participate…. yes she has a beautiful voice..”

Among the other candidates who caught our eye on Sunday night are a few:

And here are some pictures of Julie St-Pierre, taken from her Instagram account and posted over the past few months:

And for those of you feeling nostalgic for Mixmania, here’s a video that will take you back over 20 years!

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