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Lyme.  User Rights: Lot user representatives met

Lyme. User Rights: Lot user representatives met

On Monday, March 11, at the headquarters of the Camille Meret Institute, in Lyme, about fifteen representatives of users of the various health structures of the department met. Jean Rigal and Jacques Capel represent ACCDM 46 (Association of Citizens Against Medical Deserts). The study day was organized and managed by the regional structure: France Asso Santé Occitanie.

In fact, user representatives, appointed to health structures in 2016, represent the voice of users of the health system. Every organization has its own users commission. Lot's people all had to know, after entering the hospital, how satisfied they were with their stay. They are entitled to meet a user representative as part of their visit to the organization. Each institution communicates this information to patients.

The working day was an opportunity to discuss different practices, different experiences, and learn about organizational developments. New representative areas were opened in the DAC46, in the CPAM, and in the Regional Health Board (CTS).

ACCDM continues to work towards access to care for all, nearby and within a reasonable time frame.

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