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SpaceX orbits a satellite to broadcast ads... from the sky

SpaceX orbits a satellite to broadcast ads… from the sky

On your screens, on the street, in shops… Tired of ads? I know they’ll go down soon Night sky! Yes Yes. A dream for advertisers, a nightmare for astronomers: Canadian private company Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) helped SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, will send a satellite into space to broadcast advertisements,’ it is reported interested in trade August 7.

Advertising space thanks to CubeSat?

Small satellite but big revolution. If the idea for announcing the space did not come from GEC, then it is the Canadian company that will realize it with the help of SpaceX. In 2019, a Russian company had already expressed similar ambitions.

Anyway, the GEC startup is currently under construction A CubeSatA satellite, we’re armed with it dot display On which advertisements will be displayed, which will then be visible from the ground. To achieve its mission, the advertising satellite will start on boardSpaceX Falcon 9 . rocketthat will put it into orbit.

“We can imagine companies will like itDisplay their logo…or it may become more personal and artistic”Says CEO Samuel Reed. “Maybe Coca-Cola and Pepsi will fight for their logo. I’m trying to achieve something that would democratize access to space and allow decentralized participation”, continued.

There is no legislation regulating this practice

“I hope people don’t waste their money on something inappropriate, offensive or offensive.” He says. Well… not very reassuring. If the project seems confusing, the CEO claims to have already given an interview at SpaceX HQ. However, he never met Elon Musk in person.

To date, there is no legislation preventing a private company from dominating the sky. Thus, anyone can broadcast their advertisement in space thanks to the GEC satellite. To do this, it will be necessary to purchase different codes: Gamma, to determine the brightness of the screen; kappa for color; beta, x coordinates; ru, Y coordinate; and Xi, which will determine when the ad is shown. These tokens can be purchased with cryptocurrency, or even in dogecoins.

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