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Love Island: Sandrine, Samuel, Marek and Jed set their expectations for the grand finale

Love Island: Sandrine, Samuel, Marek and Jed set their expectations for the grand finale

It’s the turn of the pairs formed by Sandrine, Samuel, Marek and Jade to leave Villa love islandThis Sunday, October 24.

An episode that featured declarations of boys’ love for their better half, and a clever play on the words of Marek who turned a comb to give a whole new meaning to the expression “to move the brush.”

Obviously, the reality show’s final season elimination often proves difficult for the candidates who came close to the goal. Sandrine also seemed particularly frustrated that her adventure ended here.

Returning to Quebec, the main interested party said that she was satisfied with her career, and now she is taking this exclusion with caution.

« Of course I was disappointed. I’ve been with Samuel since day one, we’ve been together for a long time, and things have been going well. In my head, people would see what I saw in us. I’m so glad we left together “Our family.

For his part, Marek has been ready to take on music for a long time already.

« Seeing everyone pack their bags and look at her in the third person, having packed it after surviving so many eliminations, it was kind of weird. I was really at peace with leaving, because every time I got eliminated I thought I was going to leave “, It is to explain.

As for the result of next Sunday’s Grand Final, Sandrine and Samuel are hoping Keown and Isabel win, while Jade would prefer to see Veronica (who was close to her) and Tommy Lee come out victorious. For his part, Marek thinks Benjamin and Ariel will win, but will personally give his vote to Keon and Isabel.

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« I’d like to see Isabel and Keon win. I was very close to Isabel. He is truly an authentic person who is close to his feelings. When Keon entered the villa, I really saw that she had a “flash” on it. I really hope it works out, and I see the potential for the future ‘” announced Sandrine, who believed that in victory as in defeat her good friend would come out a winner in the adventure, because she was able to meet Keon there.

« They’ve been together for a long time, they’re strong enough, and they really show that a lot. I don’t know how they look at the screen, but you can see to be honest, they’re very close. They are really proof. They don’t quit, they are real magnets. I tell myself that it might be more towards them [que le public va pencher], because they are the older couple in the three finalists ‘” stressed Marek.

Marek was also surprised to see so many strong bonds being created in such a short time between the candidates, who were necessarily dizzy to see the participants leave and join the adventure over the weeks.

« I’m still surprised, because at first I thought it would be better to build a relationship. But there is so much that it was love at first sight ‘, he finished.

The Grand Finale of Love Island will air on Sunday, October 31st at 9pm on TVA.