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OD in the West: Marilou talks about his past relationship with Robin

OD in the West: Marilou talks about his past relationship with Robin

This Sunday, Jay Do Temple presented photos of the two new boys nominees at Double occupancy in the West.

Robin exploded when he saw Marilou’s face. See everything at the bottom of the article.

As the Internet has already taught usHe then mentioned that he dated the young model shortly before he went on the adventure.

Signed after him in the second round of testing. We’ll likely know more this week, but the young woman seems determined to (re)conquer the carpenter.

to me Extra ODThe new candidateOD in the West Provide more information about their relationship: Robin and I have quite a bit of the same circle of friends and had quite a few reconciliations this summer at the party. I have a little fondness for Robin. Of course I would like to get to know him more. »

In clips from Monday’s show, we can see Robin facing her: ” what are you doing here?! He will ask him. To whom do you answer: I know I’m sorry. We can also hear Marilou say to Fred: I’m coming to play cards! ».

Marilou describes herself as the girl who… Very self-confident She loves independent and funny bad boys.

Viewers, of course Grief for their double agent, who will be so sad when you notice that one of the new posts only has eyes for her man…

Seeing Robin’s reaction to seeing a picture of Marilou, we can already assume that Alexandra risks crushing her out of control.