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Logan Mylox's agent is angry over comments made against his client at Stanley25

Logan Mylox's agent is angry over comments made against his client at Stanley25

My colleague Maxime Truman and his partner Jan Trudel have just finished the first season of their podcast Stanley25. We wrote a text about this topic earlier on the site.

The guys hosted Ced and Alex from HFTV.

But before the guests arrived, the two men also talked among themselves, as they often do. Among the (many) topics on the table was the Logan Maillox file.

After telling a podcast episode that Logan Maylox was late for practices and team meetings, Max Trueman received an email from Maylox's agent about it.

The essence of his message?

We were slandering and spreading false information. – Maxim Truman

Basically, the client didn't like seeing men saying things that were true. He did not like to see his client portrayed as a player who did not take his responsibilities seriously.

Max's response? Tell him that in episode 9 of the podcast, the guys cleared things up by saying that some time ago, Mailox stood up and broke his bad habits about this topic.

But first of all, tell her that everything is known.

Max talks about the time Jean-François Holly talked about him in a press conference. I would like to add this article from TVA Sports on this topic from about three months ago. He was known for that.

The agent did not respond.

Did he know he was wrong and wrote to the men just to scare them? Did he not know and found out through Stanley25's answer? who knows.

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– unbelievable.

– Juraj Slavkovski has finished his (regular) season and it will be so Miraculously Ready for the first match of the qualifiers.

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– interesting.

– Sean Couturier injury. It's easier to put it aside that way, right?