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The rematch is against Cotton Sport on July 5

The rematch is against Cotton Sport on July 5

JS Kabylie saved the honor of Algerian clubs by qualifying for the semi-finals of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Cup, after defeating its guest Sfax and tied at home last Sunday. After this impressive qualification, Ben Sayeh’s teammates will face Coton Sport de Jaroa, an opponent they know well since they faced him in the group stage and beat him back and forth.

The first-leg match will be played in Garoua on June 20, while the return match is scheduled for the 27th of the same month in Algeria. As mentioned in the same columns, after the first leg victory in Sfax, JSK must move home for the CAF Cup semi-finals. According to an administrative source, the return match against Coton Sport de Garois, scheduled for June 27, will be played at the July 5 stadium.


Unlike previous rounds of this African competition where the CAF was satisfied with the referees’ decisions to close match results, the latter will use Video Assisted Refereeing (VAR) in the Champions League semi-finals. CAF Cup. To do so, the Confederation Authority requires semi-final matches to be programmed in stadiums that meet FIFA’s regulatory standards to use video-assisted refereeing technology. Stage 1he isNovember does not meet the criteria and the 5-Juillet stadium is the perfect match to host the second leg of the CAF Cup.

Desire of the players

It is no secret that JSK are playing better on the 5th of July stadium this season, especially when they play on natural grass. Under Denis Lavani, the players performed well on the big stadium as they defeated MCA on July 5 (2-1), and two draws in a row against the NAPSA Stars (2-2) in Lusaka and against RS Berkane (0-0) and two victories in Cameroon. Over the Coton Sport (2-1) and Sfax (1-0), as well as other victories such as the great victory over USMA and on the 24th of February 1956. When the team plays on a large stadium, it plays a big game unlike Stadium 1he isNovember is when JSK hard-won in math, especially in the Confederation Cup. In addition to matches at home in the CAF Cup, they fought to win against Stade Malian (1-0), Coton Sport (1-0), Napa Stars (2-1) and a draw (0-0) against RS Berkane. (0-0), the Canary Islands, Jarjara lost several points at home in the league. The players we approached on the sidelines of the match against Sfax would like to welcome Coton Sport on July 5th. They complain about the quality of Pitch 1he is– November, which is a real obstacle to dropping the ball and imposing their game.

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The FAF should make CTN available to JSK

The FA should not be skeptical about helping JSK that represent national football with dignity. As was the case with the Algerian Football Association, which prepared its way from the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Tunisia’s Esperance at CTN in Sidi Moussa, the first Algerian football must adopt the same position with JSK.

According to our source, we believe that the FAF does not find any inconvenience in placing the National Technical Center in Sidi Moussa at the disposal of the Kabyle Club, in anticipation of its double confrontation in the semi-final against Coton Sport de Jaroa. If such a decision is made, it is for the simple reason that JSK players are allowed to prepare for the two matches in the best possible conditions when we know that CTN Sidi Moussa has all the modern means to ensure good preparation.

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